Ferris Rezvani, CEO

Ferris Rezvani's automotive career began by working on the design and development of vehicles such as the Vencer Sarthe, and collaboration with supercar manufacturer Vencer in Europe. Growing up with a father who was a fighter pilot inspired Ferris’love for aircraft design and exotic supercars. A life-long car and aviation aficionado, Ferris’ dream was to develop a stunning supercar with exclusive looks, and even more exclusive performance. His vision is for small, niche manufacturers to come together and develop a common, certified platform they can all use to develop designer cars.

Jeff Ryan,  Co-founder, VP of Public Relations and Marketing

With a number of years in the automotive industry, Jeff brings with him years of expertise in both the public relations and marketing sector relating to the automotive industry. 

Kam Hosn, Co-Founder, VP of Business Development

Kam has worked with automotive industry leaders, including Toyota, and for the past five years has worked on the development team for Cisco Systems’  Connected Car Strategy. Kam has over 20 years of experience in product development for Fortune 500 companies. Because of his background in Big Data technologies, he has been exploring how to use Big Data to facilitate product development and customer acquisition.

Tim Gibson, Aerodynamics and Engineering

Tim Gibson is a highly experienced aerodynamics engineer; his (whose)most recent project was performing the aerodynamics and suspension design for Danny Thomson's record-breaking 424 MPH Challenger 2 at Bonneville, Utah. . When he graduated from UCLA in 1990, Tim worked for two years for TRW Space and Defense on ICBM aerodynamics. In 1992, Tim started working for Dan Gurney's All American Racers, working first on the IMSA Championship winning Toyota GTP program, which was undefeated from March '92 to January '93. Learn more at about the Danny Thomson's Challenger 2 at www.thompsonlsr.com.

Samir Sadikhov, Head of Design

Samir Sadikhov is an award winning supercar designer known for other renowned designs such as the Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC concept. Samir has worked as a designer for Lamborghini and has won awards by Ferrari. Samir's philosophy is to focus on proportions and timeless design elements.

Raj Easwaran, VP of Quality Assurance

Raj Easwaran has worked closely with the automotive industry, developing various Automation Systems and developing strategies for global supply chain manufacturers and distributors. Raj brings 17 years of experience, with success in business consulting to top-tier companies, from high-tech to automobile firms. His specialty ishelping drive superior operational efficiency, gain financial ROI, and launch solutions with a global focus. As a key partner, Raj has been involved in developing strategic alliances, directing key production milestones, and accelerating innovative approaches for the firm's susiness operations.

Haley Putnam, Digital Marketing Manager

Haley Putnam has a passion for cars and the extreme sports industry. As Digital Marketing Manager, she continues to help develop Rezvani Motors' presence through sales and marketing. Haley is determined and strives to make Rezvani Motors the best it can be.