Is The Rezvani Beast™ Hand Built

Yes, every part of Beast is hand built and includes over 400 man hours of work. We are obsessed about the quality of our parts and our craftsman take great pride in their work. 

What Parts of Beast™  Are Made of Carbon Fiber

 Every part of the car including all body work, steering wheel, seats, dash and trim are all made of light weight Carbon Fiber. Every body part has an inner and outer panel.

What is the build time of my Beast™?

 Typical Build time is approximately 12 weeks

What options and colors are available on my Beast™?

Beast can be finished in any color of the owner's choosing.  Option pricing and Paint colors are available on our online brochure here . 

What transmission choices are available?

A close ratio 6 speed manual is standard. An automatic Sadev paddle shift trasnmission is optional

Where can I get my Beast™ Serviced 

Service Centers are available in the following states in the US: Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and California.  Beast is designed to be inexpensive to service. Because we supply our parts using mass produced existing global suppliers of parts,  Any mechanic familiar with Honda engines can service Beast. As part of your ownership experience we will ensure you always have a qualified service shop near you for service. 

How does Insurance work?

Rally Insurance (  is certified to  provide insurance for Beast™ for our owners at very reasonable prices. Any collector car or specialty car insurance company can insure your Beast,

Is Beast™ Road Legal?

Yes, Beast is registered as a component vehicle and is road legal in the US. We will assist our clients with the registration process to make it as seamless as possible. 

Can I Purchase the Rezvani Beast Internationally?

Yes, we can build and ship your Beast anywhere in the world including right hand and left hard drive. 

How Is The Payment Schedule Divided?

Payment schedule includes an initial deposit to begin the build and payments throughout the build as progress continues. We encourage you to visit our factory and see the progress of your car. We will also send you regular photos to show  you progress of your car.