TANK’s Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protection Explained

Electro-Magnetic Pulses are radiated after a nuclear explosion and render electronic devices inoperable. EMP weapons are also used to disable electrical systems prior to a broader attack. Tested at a Department of Defense (DOD) approved testing facility, the EMP protection device
is the worlds first electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection technology for
a vehicles entire electrical system. Proven to exceed military standards, the EMP
shield is also one of the worlds fastest surge protection devices.
The EMP shield utilizes three incredible technologies and a patent pending
advanced design to operate at incredible speeds while also being capable of
protecting from over 40 EMP strikes with zero degradation. The first technology
inside the device utilizes radioactively charged gasses and is capable of
shedding initial strikes of electricity in five hundred trillionths of a second. The
EMP Shield passes high electrical current to ground within billionths of a second
and is engineered to protect the vehicle through multiple high level exposures to
an EMP using our advanced load sharing technology. The device is so robust, it
is designed to protect against over 100,000 amps.
 All electronics are protected within the vehicle in less than a billionth of a second.
Continuously protecting until the excess charge is completely expelled from the 
vehicles electrical system, the device will protect against all three surges of an
EMP. This includes the E3 surge which can last hours. Maintaining a consistent
level of voltage in the vehicles system at all times, the EMP Shield never stops
watching and protecting the system. If the EMP Shield is connected, it’s
monitoring and prepared to operate at blazing speeds.

The EMP Shield has been tested at Keystone Compliance, a federally approvedDOD testing facility and the EMP Shield has surpassed all military EMP
standards including: MIL-STD-188-125-1, MIL-STD-461G CS115, CS116, and
CS117. EMP Shield is also compliant to UL 1449 standards. EMP Shield LLC is
currently working with federal entities to defend against EMP’s on both small
and large scale electrical systems.