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Rezvani Tank









Rezvani Tank









Tactical Urban Vehicle

An Extreme Utility Vehicle built for any off-road and on-road challenge. 


On demand 4 x 4

Thermal night vision system

Starting at $165,000 USD

rezvani tank interior 1.jpg

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rezvani tank features








rezvani tank features








Key Features

Born from the vision of a pure driving experience, the Rezvani Tank was designed to be the most capable vehicle on and off the road. 


A Powerful Heart

At its core sits a powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine capable of propelling TANK™ over any terrain.


Off-road Package

Two unique off-road packages provide high ground clearance, top of the line FOX off-road suspension, and equally capable tires allowing for unstoppable capabilities over any terrain. Standard are GRID off-road wheel package with option for T6061 Air craft FORGED aluminum custom design wheels


High Performance Brakes

Massive 16 inch, and powerful 8 piston brake calipers provide consistent and powerful braking power to meet any needs. Standard are GRID off-road wheel package with option for T6061 Air craft FORGED aluminum custom design wheels



Unique rear-opening doors provide easy access to the luxurious cabin. 


Purpose-Built Seats

Ergonomically designed seats with just the right amount of padding provide maximum comfort for hours of driving. 


On Demand 4 x 4

A proven and capable four-wheel-drive system can be activated when needed for off road use, and de-activated to be more efficient on road. 


High-Intensity LED

Elegantly integrated auxiliary lights turn night into day at the flip of a switch.


Thermal/Night Vision System

Thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision. 

rezvani tank thermal night vision
rezvani tank heads up display


Height   83 inches
Length   196 inches
Width  84 inches
Weight 4,300 lbs