Rezvani Tank Military Edition Specs









Rezvani Tank Military Edition Specs









TANK MIlitary edition

Luxury Meets Military. Designed For Defense, Built For The Road. The Toughest Extreme Utility Vehicle on Earth.


Bullet Proof Armor

Thermal night vision system

Numerous defensive features

Available 707 HP Hellcat V8

Starting at $295,000 USD


TANK Military Edition Gallery

TANK Military Edition Gallery

Bullet proof glass and body armor
Underside explosive protection
Smoke Screen
Military Runflat Tires
Thermal Night Vision System
Self sealing fuel tank
Radiator protection
Reinforced suspension
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection
Ram Bumpers

Electrified Door Handles
Siren and Horn Options
Strobe Lights
Blinding Lights
Intercom System
Magnetic Dead Bolts
Gas masks
First Aid kit
Hypothermia kit


rezvani tank military edition features








rezvani tank military edition features








Key Features

Born from the vision of a pure driving experience, the Rezvani Tank was designed to be the most capable vehicle on and off the road. 


A Powerful Heart

At its core sits a powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine or an optional 6.2L 707 Horsepower V8 from the Dodge Hellcat capable of propelling TANK™ over any terrain.


Ballaistics Armor

The latest in ballistics armor capable of stopping high caliber weapons and assault rifles. Radiator, battery and fuel tank are all wrapped in kevlar. Underside is also protected against explosive devices. 


Smoke Screen

Smoke screen is available to the driver at the push of a button to lose trackers.


Electrified Door Handles

Magnetic dead-bolts and electrified door handles provide maximum security against unauthorized access. 


Military Grade Run flat tires

Built for the most extreme off-road and on road scenario. 


Blinding lights

The most powerful front and rear blinding lights turn night into day and serve to blind trackers at night.  


Luxury INterior

Elegantly appointed and customized interior with over 10 seat styles provides a sporty feel yet supple driving experience. 


Security Survival Kit

Included military grade gas masks, Hypothermia kit and First Aid kit 



Strobe lights, Sirens and a full intercom system with external speakers and microphone allows driver to communicate with external threats without the need to open door or windows. 


Thermal/Night Vision System

Thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision. 

rezvani tank heads up display


Height   83 inches
Length   196 inches
Width  84 inches
Weight 6,800 lbs